X Ray Film

.X-ray Films are used in hospitals for showing as well as analyzing the radiographic images. They are accessible with the protective layer, which allow them to protect the emulsion layers.

Computed Radiography System

Computed Radiography Systems ensure optimum and clear image quality without compromising on quicker results. These are capable to detect even the minor of defects. Their mobility and simple portability allow them to be used with ease and efficiency.


CT Scanner Machines ensure effective use of computers as well as rotating X-ray machines so that high-quality, clear and visible cross-sectional images can be displayed. With their use, you can never miss the detailed information.

Hitachi Aperto Lucent MRI Machine is used to satisfy the various expectations of our customers. This combines open-space ergonomics to provide exceptional patient comfort while also making exams incredibly simple. This provides high-field application clarity. This offers precise diagnosis with the best picture quality. It is safe and great to handle.


New Agfa Computed Radiography Md 1.0 General

New Agfa Computed Radiography Md 1.0 General is a cutting-edge workstation with strong productivity-boosting technologies to help your staff members perform more effectively. It will significantly improve examination workflow efficiency and assist shorten patient wait times. This is economical to use.

 Mobile X Ray Machine

100 MA Mobile X-Ray Machine is perfect for usage outside or for tests done right at the patient's bedside. Its lightweight and small size make it simple to travel. This machine is very easy to install as well as simple to use. This requires very low maintenance and replacement costs.


DR Tech X Ray Detector

DR Tech X-Ray Detector may jiggle around and excite more electrons. This must be used to depict the electrical charge that was converted from absorbed X-ray energy. This detector is very much liked and highly appreciated by people, in the market. This is safe to handle.


AGFA Computed Radiography 30X Spare Parts

AGFA Computed Radiography 30X Spare Parts may be readily set up anywhere due to its table-top size. These spare parts utilize specialised cassettes and were created with simplicity of use in mind for the best possible handling, comfort, and maintenance. They are very effective and economical.


AGFA CR 30-Xm DIGITAL X-RAY is a small, tabletop digitizer with one slot that may be used for both digital mammography and other radiography applications. It is one that offers a solution that makes the transition from analogue to digital quick and affordable while providing the high degree of quality required for digital mammography.


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